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Financial Investment: 

  • ​Autism Service Dog Program $20,000 -$23,000 
  • Diabetic Alert Dog Program $18,000- $21,000
  • Seizure Service Dog Program $22,000- $25,000
  • PTSD Service Dog Program $18,000- $20,000      30% deposit is required for entering the program.

Prices are subject to change, but we provide direct price quotes & honor our quotes given for 6 months with a written purchase agreement. 


Time Frames: 

  • ​Pre-Screening Application (online app)  7-10 business days, to contact you.
  • Full Program from time we receive your admittance packet (We provide this after the Pre- Screening app) 10-13 months for a full delivery.   
  • We carry NO waiting list EVER!

                   Times frames are subject to change.

Our main goal with our online application is to provide you specific information on the program you're inquiring about, based on the information we receive. We know each and every applicant has different needs, and we aim towards addressing all your needs.  Our service dogs are at cost to the applicant, unfortunately nor insurance, medicare, medicate, private insurance or government funding help pay for the Program. We offer 1-2 year interest free payment plans for those who qualify, a majority of our families also choose to fund raise part of or all of the funds. 

If you need any help while filling out the application give us a call at 702-712-2125. After submission you'll be contacted by one of our experts within 1-10 business days. Please note that all applicants are contacted 2x by phone & email, before the application is disregarded. 

We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you in this wonderful journey!

-L.S.D Team   

 All your personal information is kept confidential, we do not sell or give your information to any third party companies. We do not discriminate against any person’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability.


Before submitting your application please take a moment to read these important qualifications to make sure you're eligible for the program. You will NOT be contacted if you're not eligible. 

  • ​Be diagnosed for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Must be 6 years of age to Apply.
  • Be ready to start the program within 6 months.
  • None Smoker (Seizure & Diabetic alert dog programs)
  • Have a reliable second handler available for the dog.
  • Be able to financially able to provide for the dogs healthcare, hygiene, food etc...
  • For our D.A.D Program must be type 1 or type 2 insulin dependent.