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​​How our wonderful dogs help
How do Autism Assistance Dogs help?
Autism assistance dogs can help in various ways such as preventing bolting, and stopping repetitive behaviors. It has been proven these dogs can break through any barriers children may have such as communication barriers, insecurity barriers, or interaction barriers. Most importantly these dogs bring peace of mind, independence, confidence, and enhanced security not only to the child but to his/ her family.

How do Diabetic Alert Dogs help?

Diabetic alert dogs are able to alert their owners in advance of a low (hypoglycemia) or a high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar events before they become dangerous, this allows their owners have time to take the necessary steps to return their blood sugar to normal. The dogs are specifically trained to the owners scent. They help in lowering your A1C, and provide enhanced security.

How do Seizure Service Dogs help?

Seizure service dogs are able to detect the chemical reaction that happens in the body prior to and during a seizure. We train the dogs to alert before the seizure happens, however if the dog does not pick up the scent in time they provide deep pressure therapy during the seizure. They are also taught to go and get help while the seizure is ongoing.

How do I know it's going to work?

Although no dog can be guaranteed to perform any service 100% of the time, and do not take the place of any medical procedure. They are HIGHLY trained to alert, pick up your unique scents, and be there as a helping hand when you are in need. All of our dogs are considered career dogs when they go home meaning they have been trained to do specific tasks for a specific person, It becomes a way of life for the dog. All dogs that successfully go through our program have gone through numerous hours of training and reinforcing to pass our service dog certification.


​​How long is the application process?

Because we have a 2-part application (Pre-Screening & Admittance Packet) we are able to lower down our time frame. All together you can be looking at 1-10 business days for both of the applications depending when your ready to get started. Within that time frame you'll be contacted by one of our representatives who will then get you started with our admittance packet. 



Can you train our own dog or puppy?

Currently all of our dogs are hand picked & puppy raised through our program. 

What types of dogs does Loyalty Service Dogs use?
We are open to using different breeds as long as they meet our requirements of being at least 40 lbs, no protection type breeds, and most importantly that they are perfect for the job.

Can we have other pets in our home?

Yes, proving they understand a service dog is not a pet and must be treated differently from the pets. For example if your pet is allowed on the furniture keep in mind the service dog was trained not, but can still learn a new habit from your pet. We inform our clients that having other pets, specially dogs will require extra reinforcing on their part.

How do you make sure the dog gets used to me?
We know how easy it is for a dog to get used to a new people, because of that we make sure each dog goes through various trainers while going through the program. This will reassure us that dog is not attached to any single person while in training and will also help the dog take commands from various people. The first 30 days is the most crucial for bonding time for the dog and it's new owner.

How old are the dogs when the clients receive them?
When delivered, dogs are approximately a year and a half to 2 years old.

Can the service dog go anywhere with the applicant?
Yes, when delivered the dog will be a certified service dog, meaning it has gone through all necessary training to become a service dog. All dogs when delivered will have their own service dog id. Service dogs are protected by the federal law and are allowed to accompany the applicant anywhere he/she may go. Please visit www.ada.gov/service for more information regarding service dogs' rights.

Does the service dog attend school with my child?
Yes, the dogs are trained around our client's lifestyle as much as possible. We introduce the dog to our clients everyday lifestyle by bringing them around places they go on a day to day basis, such as schools, grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, etc. When delivered we do a 2-3 day in home delivery where we will introduce the dog to the child's school, which should help get the dog used to its new environment.


What kind of training methods does Loyalty Service Dogs use?

Our trainers use positive reinforcement training methods, that are specific to our training guidelines. We focus on rewarding good behavior while teaching our dogs that bad behavior is not acceptable. Our finished service dogs go through extensive training which consists of obedience, socialization, scent work, alerting, public access training, tracking and trailing, deep pressure therapy, etc. Each one of our dogs go through different types of training, depending on the kind of service the dog will provide.

Does Loyalty Service Dogs use generic scent samples for the training?

No this is part of what makes our training unique and tailored to our clients. We train each dog specifically with the scent sample of the applicant, the scents will be collected by the applicant and mailed to Loyalty Service Dogs. Because we use our applicants specific scent, our dogs will be able to alert the second they are delivered. 


Do you offer financial assistance?

Currently L.S.D doesn't offer financial assistant due to the fact that we keep our cost as low as possible. In most instances we're thousands less expensive than other service dog organizations, with that being said our dogs are at cost.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer different payment methods depending on each clients situation. 


Where do you place dogs?

Loyalty Service Dogs proudly places dogs all over the U.S.

Does Loyalty Service Dog have delivery services available?
Yes, we have  “door delivery”  one of our certified dog trainers delivers your dog right to your doorstep. They do an in-home delivery for 3 days where they will spend all day with you and the applicant, educating the handler on all there is to know about a service dog.

After Placement
Is Loyalty Service Dog available to answer questions after the placement is complete?

Yes, we offer our clients support for any questions or concerns they may have after the delivery of the dog. We are happy to answer any questions.

Does L.S.D provide additional training after placement?
Yes. We provide a refresher course for the lifetime of all dogs who have gone through our program. For more information please call our office.