Thinking about Fundraising? Here are some of the MANY successful fundraising stories from our clients throughout the years. 

Community rallies to help replace service dog.

When Caleb's family contacted us we where delighted and a little heart broken to hear their story, Caleb had a previous service dog named Duke who had passed away due to medical problems. Caleb's family knew he needed a new companion for his next chapter in life. A family friend setup a Gofundme page and in less than a month they had all the funds for their service dog, checkout their story.  

Project Winston.

Mathew and his family had their community in Cedar Grove  New Jersey behind them in supporting them to raise money for his service dog Winston. As we began talking to the Ribaudo family earlier in the year they weren't sure if they could fundraise the whole amount. Once they started the donations started pouring in, their biggest fundraisers was the Battle of the Badges where their local police department and fire fighters battle it out on the field. To read more about the click on the link below.

Mathew's family is also doing a blog for their supports to follow along in Winston's training.


Waggs For Hunter.

Community comes together for Jake & Heather.

   Heather once was healthy and enjoyed a normal, happy life until age 24. She suffered a severe head injury when thrown from her horse. Heather's seizures began shortly after being released from the hospital. After seeing several doctors, one suggested a surgical removal of a small portion of her left temporal lobe. Another doctor suggested the Vagas Nerve Stimulation implant. Even with these procedures and seizure medications, she continued to have seizures.

   After years of suffering from seizures, her family and friends began to look into the option of getting a service dog. The price tag for such dog was out of her reach, but that did not stop her friends and family. They all got together to start brain storming possible ways to raise the fund.

   They began by sharing their story on social media pages such as Facebook and go fund me, which helped in great part to their success. They did an excellent job in getting the word out and making sure everyone around her knew of her fundraising efforts. They did everything form a bake sale to social media to a big thank you party to wrap up their fund raising.  The whole community was behind her including the Mesquite Police Department, Mesquite Animal Shelter, Mesquite Toes, and many more organizations.

" I thought I could never afford a service dog"

-Heather Champion

"Hunter couldn't be getting this dog without everybody's help and I thank everyone so much. It means the world to me," Hunter's mother, Missy Vaughn.

​When Hunter's family was on the hunt for his life companion they contacted L.S.D to get the processes started. Knowing that this highly trained service dog would come at a cost they decided to start fundraisers to gather up the much needed funds. Spreading the word through local media helped them tremendously in their efforts. They also got the word out by using social media such as Facebook to help spread the word. Here's a couple of featured stories on Hunter and Waggs journey.  Having their community behind them is what made it all possible.

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