Thank you for everything you have done for our family. Brady is not just going to change Andrews life but all of ours as well. He's an Amazing dog! Thanks for all of your hard work and patience.

- Hetzel Family 

Seattle, Washington.

I could not have found a better place than Loyalty Service Dogs. What a blessing they are, I only wish they knew just how big of a blessing they are to the people that they are training these fabulous dogs for. THANK YOU for all the work that you put into this and all the training you do. Not just on the dogs but the training you put into the handlers as well. THANK YOU!!

- Lola's Family 

Lake Tahoe, NV.

No regrets with Leo, we are very pleased with everything to do with Leo and his delivery. He already knows he's my helper and he belongs with me.

- Leo's Family

Portland, Oregon.

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A-Z our experience was excellent from the first contact tot eh delivery. Oreo's training was through and in depth, as was the training my daughter and I received when he was delivered.

Thank you Loyalty Service Dogs. 

- Leach Family 

Oceano, California

We have had Bruce for a little over a year now. I talked to multiple organizations before deciding on Loyalty, and I did not talk to anyone as passionate about her work as Marty. Bruce is more than we could ever ask for. 

Bruce is an autism service dog for my 9 year old daughter. He is head over heels in love with her, and her with him. Marty picked the absolute perfect dog for her and our family. He is full of personality, LOVES to work, loves his girl, the family. Marty must have some sort of magic to not only train these dogs the way she does, but to pick the perfect dog for each person. 

He has completely changed her life. Anyone who knows us is amazed at the difference in our girl since Bruce has come.

                    - Bruce's Family 

                      Brea, Kentucky

​We Loved working with you! We couldn't have asked for a better match & experience! Thank you for all your hard work in choosing & training Maverick. Can't wait to share with you all her improvements, that we know Miley's going to have because of Maverick.

Thank You again.

        - Maverick's Family

      Sacramento, California

Some Testimonials

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Maritza was so kind and compassionate in helping us on our search for a service dog for our child. Answered EVERY question we had, set up references for us to talk with. I highly recommend her and know she will go above and beyond for all her clients. Xoxo

- Beda Family

Chicago, Illinois.

We love Bella she's already such a big help, within the first day we saw changes in Ian. Her training is excellent just what we needed to help us out in our day to day activities. Alfredo did a great job during the delivery explaining everything and answering all our questions. 

Thank You for everything.

- Bella's Family 

Peoria, Illinois.