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What our all Inclusive price consist of:

  • A legal purchase agreement, so you know your working with a trust worthy company.
  • Acknowledgments up front so you'll know exactly what to expect throughout the training & during the delivery. 
  • Three forms of educational training visually, written and with our one on one training sessions during delivery. 
  • ​Personalized dog match,to best fit your lifestyle.
  • Tailored training routine outline for your dog.
  • Dog up to date on its shots, spay/neutered.
  • The dog microchipped and registered under your name.
  • Informational DVD prior to your dogs delivery, with obedience, public access etc....
  • Scent kit mailed to your address if needed for the training.
  • Public access certificate (upon delivery).
  • Service dog id card, with the federal law on the back (upon delivery)
  • ​Handler id card, with federal law on the back (upon delivery) 
  • Training collar, Flat buckle collar, standard dog leash, sample bag of dog food. (upon delivery)
  • LSD general dog tag. (upon delivery)
  • Service dog vest. (upon delivery)
  • Vet checkup prior to delivery, to ensure we're delivery you a healthy dog.
  • Training manual with all available veterinary records (upon delivery)
  • In home (if choosing delivery option) Educational training with one of our Certified Dog Trainers.
  • Updates throughout the training via text messaging, email, or social media.
  • Guarantee of the dogs training, if the dog your matched with at any time fails the program while in training we start over with a new do at no addiotnal cost. 
  • Doggy refreshers offered once a year with our doggy bootcamp. 

Our Training Method.

Our training method is made up of positive training, reinforcing only good behavior, while minimizing the bad. We teach our dogs new commands one step at a time, like building blocks. The dogs get a unique training routine based on our clients lifestyle, needs, goals, and dogs best learning technique. Every dog goes home with one of our certified dog trainers, lives and trains in an in home environment, getting accustomed to the common household. We aim our training towards achieving the best possible outcome for the dogs to successfully pass our required test and transition into a working service dog. We ask that you please keep in mind that the training time frames very based on a number of things. There's sometimes hiccups in the training, that causes the time frame to be elongated. Nonetheless we focus on our dogs health, training and over all success in the program, to deliver the best dogs around.

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In general here's a quick over view of our program.

  • Each applicant is required read over the program their looking into, and know the qualifications of that program before applying online.
  • Once your ready for the next step you can apply online to get addiotnal information and the required forms you'll need to get your service dog.
  • Once your online application is received you'll be contacted by a service representative and they'll provide you with the second package. The second package includes our Acknowledgments, Main    Application, Purchase Agreement, Information on Payment Methods and a Informational pdf.
  • Once the family is ready to start their journey they send in the second package to us. We do a followup before hand to make sure all your questions are answered and you have all the information you need prior to proceeding.
  • After we receive the second package along with the deposit we are ready to begin the dog match. 
  • Now the fun begins, our specific dog match is based on dogs available, the applicants specific needs, life style, assertiveness level, age, and preference. Most importantly we want to match our clients with the best dog for the job.
  • Depending on the dogs age at the time of placement we jump right into either puppy raising, or training. Each training is different depending on the service the dog will be performing.
  • After all the required training is done we're all ready to deliver your new life companion. (Note: generally our time frames for delivery are between 9-14months each program is different)

Thank you for your interest in Loyalty Service Dogs. On this page you'll find general information on how our programs work. Please take the time to read and understand how the specific program you're looking into works, as it is one of the requirements for our online application.


Our Service Dog Program's.