• ​Autism Service Dog Program $20,000 -$23,000 
  • Diabetic Alert Dog Program $18,000- $21,000
  • Seizure Service Dog Program $22,000- $25,000
  • PTSD Service Dog Program $18,000- $21,000
  • Dual Trained Service Dogs Vary from training needs

What's the cost Involved in getting a Service Dog through L.S.D?

Why does the program seem costly? 

If you take the average price of obtaining a pure breed puppy & properly caring for it for 2 years you'll probably end up in the thousands. Now take that exact same scenario & add office staff, endless hours of training, staff to take care of the dogs,  all the dogs healthcare, hygiene, food,  grooming, necessary supplies such as training & service dog supplies... The price adds up quickly. 

​The thing thats most costly for all properly trained service dogs is all the hours of training. From training hours spend working one on one with them, puppy raising, obedience training, public access training, scent training and tailored training. Not to mention the day to day things dogs need even on "off" days or holidays. Taking care of a dog regardless if its a service dog or not is a full time job. 

​Lastly a major expense for our program is our in home delivery with having a trainer travel to your location and spend 3 days there. Travel cost & trainers cost alone range anywhere from $3,000-$4,000 depending on the area of the U.S. This is something to take into consideration when looking into programs who require you to travel to them & average out the amount of time you'll spend away from work and your family. 

We strive our best to keep our costs as reasonable as possible.

No we require a 30% deposit to begin the program. The rest will be due upon delivery or through a monthly payment plan. The time frame for a fully trained dog is 10-13 months  families will have that time to fund the rest of the money.

  •  We offer 1-2 year interest free payment plans for those who qualify.
  •  Majority of our families choose to fund raise.
  •  Out of pocket 

Is all the money do up front ? 

How do families pay the program? 

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