Seizure Service Dog

How Our Wonderful Dogs Can Help

A seizure service dog gives our clients and their family piece of mind and an added layer of security. Our dogs are trained on our clients specific scent samples, that is collected when you seize. We put together the scent along with visuals (trainers acting out a seizure)  to maximize the chances of the dog picking up the seizure before hand. Our dogs are trained to do a go tell anywhere from home to out in public, they are to alert someone about the ongoing seizure to get you the needed help. They are also taught deep pressure therapy or to lay by your side, for comfort reasons. There's different types of training depending on what kind of seizure you have and your lifestyle. Some of our client with seizure had mobility issue our dogs can also with that depending on what help is needed. Please note that the dogs aren't able to pick up all kinds of seizures.

Training Process

The very first step for our dogs is going through our puppy raising program, while their your we test them bi weekly to see which program they'd best fit into. All of our dogs are hand picked by our trained and temperament tested for each program. Once our dogs have completed our puppy raising program, we start them off in obedience. Here they learn commands such as heel, sit, down, auto sits, come, leave it, bed, load up etc... Basic manners are taught on a daily basis since our service dogs are raised and and trained in our certified trainers home, this helps us establish good manners. It also helps the dog get used to a family/home environment, thus making the transition into your home a lot easier. We try to make all the training as relevant to the what the dogs daily life style will be by beginning training in a home environment. Our dogs spend a great deal of time in obedience training since this is the foundation of the training. Each dog must demonstrate he/she has the proper level of obedience in order to move on to the next step in training by passing our standard obedience test. Our test consist of testing the dog both on and off leash in low/high level distraction setting before passing onto the next step in training.  

The second step is public access, we begin by reinforcing all obedience training in a low distraction environment such as a library. We then gradually work our way up to higher distraction environments such as shopping centers,  restaurants, office buildings, etc. After we have a strong obedience in public access we train the dog around your daily routines. For example if the applicant goes bike riding on a daily basis we will reinforce that into the dogs training.  While in training we also bring our dogs around different transportation such as vehicles, buses, subways, trains, commercial airlines, and elevators. Before moving on to the last step they are tested in public access making sure they can hold any command out in public.

In the last step dogs are trained to alert on a seizure, this will give you time to find a safe place to sit/lie down. Dogs are able to alert before the seizure happens because they smell the chemical reaction that occurs in the body. Once we have a reliable alert from our dogs we join it along with training the dog to visually see a seizure. While training the dog in visuals we have our trainer act out a seizure both in home/out in public so the dog can get you help when its needed. We take them back to step two of the public access and teach the dog to alert in public. Night alerts is the last part of scent training, we teach our dogs to get help during a nighttime seizures. Keep in mind the night seizures are the hardest for the dogs to pick up on due to many facets. We teach the dogs to do a go tell and get someone else for help in any situation. They are required to pass a scent and alert test to show their ability to alert as well as a visual test for the seizure. Although it hasn't been scientifically proven how the dogs are able to alert on the seizures we've had great success with our training methods.

​The time frame for our S.S.D Program from start to finish can vary anywhere from 9-13 months, depending on our current training status. Currently we are the leading company in the U.S with the lowest time frame as we carry no waiting list. We don't intent to carry any waiting list as we like to keep our program more customer oriented and unique for our customers. Our deliveries consist 3 days in home training where a trainer will work with you and your child/family member working on how to handle your dog properly at home, in public and everywhere in-between. We've had great success with our in home deliveries as our client learn better in their in home environment. Prior to the delivery we mail out our informational DVD that cover anything from the commands, hand commands, and being out in public with your service dog, this helps our clients who learn by repetition. 

Keep in mind we do not use generic samples, we will mail out a scent sample kit that is to be completed by the applicant and returned to Loyalty Service Dogs before the scent and alert training begins.


​Cost greatly depends on a number of factors such as specific training required, location, breed of dog etc.... Although we cannot give a direct price quote without having one of our online applications filled our Seizure Service Dog Program ranges from $22,000-$25,000. Please keep in mind that our service dogs are at cost unfortunately nor insurance, medicare, medicate, private insurance or government funding help pay for the Program. We offer 1-2 year interest free payment plans for those who qualify, a majority of our families also choose to fund raise part of or all of the funds. Ready to start click here to Apply Today.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn how our program works, as it is especially beneficial and required for each applicant. We want you to be well informed of the ins and outs of getting a service dog through Loyalty Service Dogs. We want to build a loyal trust worthy relationship with each and everyone of our families. Please fill out an online application to begin your journey in getting a seizure service dog.

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